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  1. Airsoft M14 (GG G-14 SOC 16) Firma GG Armament vám přináší repliku M14 SOCOM, která se vyznačuje celokovovou konstrukcí a plastovým pažbením. Jedná se o dlouhou a přesnou zbraň, před kterou protivník nebude v bezpečí ani na delší..
  2. Out of the box the cyma m14 socom fired at 328 fps. I got to use it at a game and once I had set the hop to nearly off the bb's were firing lovely and strait. The trigger action is very responsive with a large battery pack squeezed in
  3. Manuální airsoft pušky Airsoft M14 (ASG M14 SOCOM) Manuální airsoftová replika americké pušky M14 Socom od dánské firmy ASG. Zbraň má plastovou konstrukci. R.I.S. předpažbí je možné osadit taktickými doplňky, například kolimátoru, optiky, laseru či svítilny. Hledí je stranově i výškově nastavitelné
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CYMA Sport SOCOM 16 M14 Full Size Airsoft AEG . View + Package Options. $320.00 - $359.57 G&P M14 DMR Recon Advanced Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle View. $199.00 $225.00 12% off Matrix Field Ops Series M14 SOCOM Airsoft AEG Package by CYMA (Color: Tan) + Cart. $299.00. Replica arma airsoft M14 SOCOM (CM.032A) este o replica a carabinei M14 varianta SOCOM (United States Special Operations Command). Aceasta varianta a carabinei M14 este produsa de Springfield Armory.Inc. avand teava mai scurta si mai usoara, patul este diferit si este compatibila cu diferite accesorii tactice AEG - M14, Airsoft-online.cz. Airsoft je oblíbeným militaristickým sportem, který velmi reálně imituje opravdovou vojenskou bitvu. Během hry totiž hráči využívají skutečné vojenské strategie a vybavení - jen zbraně jsou nahrazeny replikami, které střílejí plastové 6mm kuličky Široký výběr airsoft zbraní za příznivé ceny. Pistole, útočné pušky, samopaly, sniper pušky, kulomety. Elektrické, plynové a manuální airsoft zbraně. Články Kontakt Servis Poradna Získej slevu M14 Socom, Black, Cyma, CM.032A 3 410 K.

Socom Tactical Airsoft is a premium airsoft retailer selling an extensive range of airsoft related items with new products available every week. At Socom Tactical, you can buy airsoft guns and accessories both online and at our Airsoft Shop in Fleet. If there is something you are after, but can't find, please get in contact.As a leading airsoft retailer we will endeavour to source it for yo Airsoftová zbraň AEP M14 Socom, ASG. Replika modelu M14 Socom od společnosti ASG je vyrobená zejména z kvalitního plastu a kovu. Tělo s pažbičkou a pažbou jsou z plastového materiálu, který napodobuje dřevo. Na vrchní části těla zbraně se nachází dlouhá RIS kolejnice, která umožňuje montáž kolimátoru či optiky 400 FPS CYMA M14 SOCOM VPower CM032A Airsoft AEG Rifle - FAUX WOOD SKU: CYMA-CM032A-W-VPOWER. $129.95 Qty . View Details. SOLD OUT. 400 FPS CYMA M14 EBR VPower CM032EBR Airsoft AEG Rifle - BLACK SKU: CYMA-CM032EBR-B-VPOW. $289.95 Qty . View Details. SOLD OUT. AGM M14 SOCOM RIS Airsoft Sniper Rifle w/ Flashlight and Scope - OD. M14 Socom Airsoft Gun Spring Powered Sniper Rifle By KNIVES DEAL USD $18.90. 4 (0) CYMA M14 CM032F Airsoft DMR AEG By Cyma USD $109.99. 4.5 (0) AGM M14 AEG Metal Gears Metal Gear Box By AGM USD $187.07. 4 (0) Winchester M14 CO2 Air Rifle 16rd BB and By Winchester USD $119.54. 4 (0). CM.032 EBR, M14 EBR Full Metal - Black [CYMA] Kód: FB3359 Úsťová rychlost: 380 FPS Váha: 4200g Délka: 950 - 1030mm Délka vnitřní hlavně: 440mm více informací porovna

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Replika modelu M14 Socom - Black [CM.032A] v celokovovém provedení. Z kvalitního zdrsněného ABS plastu je pouze pažba a nadpažbí. Zkrácená verze proslulé samonabíjecí pušky M14 má přibližně na středu zbraně krátkou RIS lištu, která slouží k bezproblémovému uchycení všech kolimátorů z naší nabídky Opiniones del rifle M14 Airsoft. El M14 para Airsoft tiene muy buenas valoraciones por parte de los jugadores que lo han adquirido. El modelo M14 ha conseguido el mayor de ventas para todos los M14 de la actualidad. No te quedes sin tu réplica de arma Airsoft y empieza a disfrutar de la mayor parte de las ventajas que presenta. Además.

The M14 outperforms the KP5, in every scenereo save extreme close quarters where the ROF on the KP5 becomes useful. otherwise the M14 can out snipe the KP5. it is also more durable than the KP5, which is made of a cheaper more brittle plastic. Umerex H&K 416 CQB Worse accuracy Lower FPS Spring Vs AEG less durable (Plastic vs full metal RA-TECH M14 Socom Version KIT. Custom upper handguard; Socom Version kit; Scouting type scope mountI; Hop Up Rubber; Precision Inner Barrel 6.01 410mm; RA-TECH M14 Summer Spring; RA-TECH M14 Integrated Wood Stock (SEN) RA-TECH M14 Steel part NO.53; RA-TECH M14 CNC steel Tappet(NO.9) RA-TECH M14 CNC steel Tactical bolt release (part NO.3 Airsoftová zbraň M14 Socom R.I.S. (CM.032A) - olivová [CYMA] Airsoftová zbraň M14 Socom R.I.S. (CM.032A) - olivová [CYMA] Popis; Parametry; Popis produktu Zkrácená verze původní M14. Tělo airsoftové zbraně, R.I.S. lišta, hlaveň, lučík spouště, mířidla, zásobník a botka pažby jsou kovové, pažbení je zhotoveno z ABS. Colt M14 Socom Sm-2 je airsoft zbraň kategorie D. Prodejná pouze osobám starším 18 let.. Tato airsoftová replika je sestrojena podle legendární Americké útočné pušky M14. Ostrý originál má poměrně bohatou minulost, zavedena do výzbroje US army v roce 1957 Fusil M14/EBR SOCOM ASG DiscoveryLine - 6 mm Muelle Fusiles Airsoft Descripción El popular M14 ahora disponible en una versión SOCOM. Capacidad del cargador de 40 BB's. Esta versión Discoveryline tiene alza trasera ajustable y viene con un sistema de rail porta accesorios. Especificaciones: Longitud: 914 mm / 36,6 pulgadas

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  1. The Special Forces version of the M14 assault rifle. Full metal construction with ABS and nylon stock and top heat-shield. A great 'shorty' version of the classic Vietnam era M14 assualt rifle which was much more accurate than the M16. Later in life, the SOCOM 16 evolved using modern. lighter materials
  2. CM.032A, M14 Socom RIS - Olive [CYMA] - Naměřená úsťová rychlost 360fps Váha 3500g Typ střelby jednotlivě i dávkou Typ akumulátoru v sestavě zdarma- 8,4V na 1100mAh+ nabíječka Délka 94 cm Délka vnitř
  3. Airsoftova zbraň AEP M14 Socom ASG elekricka - [23.11. 2020] Na prodej téměř nová airsoft ova zbraň, elektrická, dlouhá, 870 mm,úsťova rychlost 75m/s, dostřel 35m, obsahuje zasobnik, popruh, taktická svitilna, kolimator, baterie, nabíječka + kuličky, koupená 6/20,použitá jen párkrát, odeslání na Vaše náklad
  4. The M14 SOCOM is a shortened version of the M14 used by Special Ops Teams. It's more manueverable on the battle feild and features a shortened barrel with firing compensator. CYMA Brings you one of the best priced, quality M14 SOCOM airsoft replicas available

The CYMA M14 replicates this by creating the airsoft version in the Special Operations Command (SOCOM) variant, shortening the barrel for more compact spaces. The CYMA M14 is compatible with Tokyo Marui style magazines and parts giving the player the option to upgrade this great gun even further if they choose to The Echo1 M14 SOCOM from Airsoft GI is the clone you've been waiting for. It has it all: looks, performance, reliability and compatibility. The look and feel of the Echo 1 is solid. Weighing approximately 7 1/2 pounds, this gun has just the right amount of heft and will feel right in your hands. It looks and feels much like the Tokyo Marui and.

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  1. Lancer Tactical LT-732 DMR Stock 45 M14 SOCOM Airsoft AEG - FAUX WOOD. $165.00 $154.00. 6% OFF. Lancer Tactical LT-732 DMR Stock 45 M14 SOCOM Airsoft AEG - BLACK. $165.00 $154.00. 16% OFF. Lancer Tactical LT-732 DMR Stock 38 M14 SOCOM Airsoft AEG - OD GREEN. $225.00 $189.00. 16% OFF
  2. Echo1 M14 SOCOM 16 Airsoft Gun. $199.99. Quick view Out of stock. Quick view. Choose Options. Echo 1. Echo1 M14 Rifle Wood Airsoft Gun. $199.99. Quick view Choose Options. Quick view. Choose Options. G&G. G&G GR14 Black Synthetic Stock Airsoft Gun. $300.00. Quick view Choose.
  3. AGM M14 SOCOM Airsoft Sniper Rifle with RIS, 400 FPS. AGM M14 SOCOM Airsoft Sniper Rifle with RIS, 400 FPS view details AGM. SKU: UK-M160A1. Shipping: Calculated at Checkout. $39.95 This full sized M14 is extremely realistic and accurate. The gun itself weighs almost 8 lbs, giving it a great feel in your hands. The gun shoots at up to 400 FPS
  4. g (similar to paintball), or professional training purposes (military simulations, a.k.a. MilSim, and police training exercises)

G&G M14 Imitation Wood Stock . AEG GR14 Imitation Wood Stock G&G (EGM-014-IWS-BNB-NCM CYMA - CYMA is a Chinese company that manufactures mid level Airsoft products with very affordable prices, they also offer many types and variants of Phone: 1-866-407-9320 - Currently Offline. Hom Airsoft M14 (GG G-14 SOC 16) Firma GG Armament vám přináší repliku M14 SOCOM, která se vyznačuje celokovovou konstrukcí a plastovým pažbením. Jedná se o dlouhou a přesnou zbraň, před kterou protivník nebude v bezpečí ani na del So I recently purchased a new CYMA M14 SOCOM and I have started to look around for aftermarket upgrades.This is my first gun, so I don't know too much about exactly how the gun's internals work, so I was hoping that I could get some ideas as to what possible upgrades would be compatible with my gun

Deadly from a distance, M14s have notoriety throughout time. Airsoft is no different! The M14 Rifle was the standard issue U.S. Rifle from 1959 to 1970. The M14 platform is known for its long barrel and solid body. The M14 served as the base model for the M21 and M25 sniper rifles, both of which are still in use today Replica of model M14 Socom - Black [CM.032A] in a full metal design. Only the stock and handguard are made from high-quality ABS plastic material. A shortened version of the famous semi-automatic rifle M14 has approximately in the middle of gun RIS rail which enables you to fit all red dots and lazers we have to offer 3PCS Cyma 400rds Airsoft Juguete Hi-Cap Mag Para M14 EBR Socom Marui G&P JG AEG (C28) Totalmente nuevo. 53,47 EUR. De Hong Kong ¡Cómpralo ya! Envío gratis. 3PCS Cyma 180rds Airsoft Juguete Mid-Cap Mag Para M14 EBR Socom Marui G&P JG AEG C06. Totalmente nuevo. 54,87 EUR. De Hong Kon Airsoft M14 . The M14 was a rifle that was originally issued to the United States Army. The Airsoft M14 gun is a replica of this rifle. In airsoft competitions, players shoot each other with pellets propelled by airsoft guns, eliminating each other with non-lethal impacts

Tento web využívá k analýzám a provozu tzv. cookies, používáním tohoto e-shopu vyjadřujete s používáním cookies svůj souhlas. Rozumí REPLICA MARUI M14 SOCOM CQB AIRSOFT. Referencia 002830. Fuera de stock 470,00 € Impuestos incluidos.

G&G M14 Socom edition. Entirely stock. Comes with two brand Mid caps and two brand Hi-caps. One hi-caps feed panels lips sadly dont lock, so when you fill that hi-cap; put it in the gun to prevent ammo spillage. Including the scope mount I bought for it, as I usually ran it as a sort of marksmans rifle but still with full auto. Scope not included G&P M14 DMR GP731-DMR Conversion Kit Installation Guide: G&P : G&P M14 DMR GP742-DMR Instruction Guide: G&P : G&P U.S Navy MK23 MG GP-AEG015 Instruction Manual: WE-TECH : WE M14 GBB Manual: AGM : AGM M14 MP008 Manual: ECHO1 : Echo1 M14 Socom 16 JP-17B Manual: ECHO1 : Echo1 M14 Wood JP-46W Manua Prodám airsoftovou zbraň Colt M14 SOCOM od japonského výrobce Tokyo Marui. Dříve jsem ji aktivně využíval, ale teď už mi tu několik let jenom nevyužitě leží, ale stále se jedná o krásnou zbraň M14 Socom Phantom replica Phantom offers weapons with perfect finished externals and reinforced Pre-Upgraded Gear Box All the Phantom are Li-Po Ready The M14 Socom comes with unique serial number fullfilling EU norms We are in front of one brand that offers excellent value for money Features: Length:942mm Weight:3800g Adjustable hop up Magazine capacity:440rds Material:ABS and Metal Muzzle.

Details about AGM M14 SOCOM Airsoft DMR AEG Rifle w/ Battery and Charger - FAUX WOOD. AGM M14 SOCOM Airsoft DMR AEG Rifle w/ Battery and Charger - FAUX WOOD. Item Information. Condition: New. Quantity: 0 available / 23 sold / See feedback A review of the Cyma M14 airsoft rifle. This is the SOCOM style shorter barrel version of the M14. Also available in longer rifle variants: faux wood and OD green colors. Available at Airsoft Atlanta here: Subscribe to M14 SOCOM We've got the the new Tokyo Marui M14 SOCOM CQB! It offers all the benefits of an M14, in a shortened and more maneuverable form. Measuring 946mm, this is an excellent full-size replica to use for CQB as well as in woodland skirmishes. Shoots in semi and full auto mode. Comes with 70 rounds standard magazine TM vz.61/M14 SOCOM-ASG. Ahoj Mám airsoftku TM vz.61, ale poslední dobou začínám uvažovat o M14 od ASG tak se chci zeptat jestli je lepší nebo horší než můj vz.61 od TM. 01 bře 2011 14:11

airsoft socom m16 custom build, airspft m14 cylinder size, asg m14 socom gearbox, cyma dmr socom 16, cyma m 14 lost fps after new piston, cyma m14 middle gear, cyma m14 socom, cyma m14 socom 16 uk, cyma m14 socom disassembly, cyma socom 16 inner barrel, g&g socom 16 mods airsoft, what size nozzle cyma m14 THE LARGEST AIRSOFT PARTS SHOP ON EARTH! AUG; Sniper; Magazines. M4 Magazines; Skip to content. Submit. Close search. M14 / M14 EBR expand. collapse. M14 / M14 EBR M14 SOCOM Heat Shield Replacement. Regular price $24.95 Sale Add to cart. Vezi Oferta de Arme airsoft: Pistoale, Pusti de Asalt, Bile , Echipament militar, Lanterne tactice, Autoaparare . Transport Gratuit peste 150 RON. Experienta ne Recomanda!.. Bolas 0,12 Airsoft Bolas 0,20 Airsoft Bolas 0,23 Airsoft Bolas 0,25 Airsoft Bolas 0,28 Airsoft Bolas 0,30 y 0,32 Airsoft Bolas Pesadas Airsoft 8 mm ICS Tokyo Marui M14 Socom . Modelo 85MAE. Condición Nuevo. STOCK EN ALMACEN CENTRAL Compartir Google+ Al comprar.

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Cyma M14 EBR RIS Crane Stock Full Metal Airsoft Electric Rifle. $247.49 $274.99 Add to cart. Add to wishlist. Add to comparison. Quick view. Sale-10%. CYMA M14 SOCOM . The classic American battle rifle just got a bit more compact, the CYMA M14 gives you that classic 7.62mm look with a shorter barrel for those tighter spaces at your airsoft fields Jan 25, 2020 - M14/M1A Rifles and variants. See more ideas about gun gear, battle rifle, firearms Works with Matrix, G&G, Tokyo Marui and other compatible M14 Series Airsoft AEG MagazinesMuzzle Velocity: 350~370 FPS (Measured with 0.20g BBs)Fire Modes: Semi/Full-Auto, SafetyBattery: 9.6v Small Butterfly Type recommended (Battery not included. Wired to stock with Deans connector)Hopup: Yes, AdjustablePackage Includes: Gun, Magazine, Manua The M14 SOCOM is a battle rifle designed and manufactured by Springfield Armory. This rifle is designed to be a compact rifle that uses 762 rounds, so shooters who need a compact weapon no longer have to settle for a lesser caliber. The M14 SOCOM is not widley used, however is still in service and used by armed forces and special forces

Tokyo Marui M14 SOCOM AEG Rifle Major Features - New Finish Black Stock: Sandstone finish was applied to the entire stock to prevent slippage. The jet black stock that restrained the reflection of the light further complements the fearlessness of M14 Socom. Scout style · Mount base: Mount base designed on the premise of dot site Tokyo Marui M14 SOCOM AEG Rifle Read More This item is an Echo 1 M14 Socom 16 Airsoft AEG. It has normal wear but is in very good cosmetic condition. I have upgraded this to shoot 400+ fps with.20 gram bb's. It comes with 2 hi cap magazines and a large type 10.8v battery inside the stock. Just remove the back screws to charge it All black CYMA M14 SOCOM with one hi-cap magazine and receiver rail mount. Fires great and is about as snappy as a stock gun should be. Bought as part of a bundle a while back in dusty condition, I gave it a basic clean up but its still a bit dusty among the crevices

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The DE M14 SOCOM airsoft sniper rifle is one of the most accurate airsoft rifles on the market, easily capable of taking down targets at 120 feet! With an integrated rail mounting system, you can easily attach a wide variety of tactical upgrades and accessories including bipods, lasers, flashlights, red dot optics, and scopes In airsoft, barrel length does verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry little. Although, the socom version of the M14 looks like poo for a DMR. Get the full length version! As for upgrades, OP, first assess the simple things: Barrel; Hop unit; Hop rubber As for the barrel, a 6.01 is a VERY tight barrel airsoft m14 upgrade kit, cyma m14 dmr, cyma m14 dmr build, cyma m14 socom dmr, cyma m14 socom upgrades, cyma m14 upgrade, cyma m14 upgrade kit, cyma m14 upgrades, cyma socom 16 upgrades, m14 socom dmr, m14 socom upgrades, what kind of lipo battery can i use with a cyma m14. Click on a term to search for related topics. Thread Tools: Show. Featured Products. KWA RM4 RONIN RECON ML AEG3 £ 434.99; KWA RM4 RONIN T10 Tactical (BLACK) £ 399.99 £ 379.99 Balystic HPR800C V3 HPA Regulator £ 74.99; WE 17 18 33 ABS Polymer Magazine £ 24.99; Armorer Works Deadpool 1911 NE2201 Molon Labe Pistol £ 139.9 CYMA 400rds Airsoft Toy Hi-Cap Magazine For M14 EBR Socom Marui G&P JG AEG (C28) Brand New. C $35.49. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Buy It Now. From Hong Kong. Free shipping. 29 sold. CYMA 180rds Airsoft Toy Mid-Cap Mag For M14 EBR Socom Marui G&P JG AEG (C06) Brand New. C $35.49. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Buy It Now

This is high quality M14 SOCOM standard Airsoft electric rifle gun from Tokyo Marui which is equipped with variable hop-up system and Full-auto (repeated) / Semi-auto (single-shot) switching type. It is a short model Assault rifle with CQB custom which is based on M14. Steel press magazine is included M14 SOCOM Automatic Electric Airsoft Rifle features semi-automatic and full automatic firing modes; Battery powered electric airsoft rifle with an adjustable grip; Receiver with tactical rails for attachment of included accessories; Recommended BB weight: 0.12 or 0.20 gram 6mm plastic airsoft BBs; 280 round high capacity winding magazin Special Force CYMA 032A M14 Socom Full Metal Airsoft Electric Gun (AEG) Description: The full metal gearbox 2011 production run model CYMA M14 SOCOM with metal barrel sniper AEG rifle is the best M14 SOCOM . With a muzzle velocity that overpowers even Tokyo Marui AEGs and a reinforced full metal gearbox, this CYMA M14 is ready to rock and roll CYMA M14 SOCOM Airsoft AEG w/ DMR Style Stock (Tan) The CYMA DMR Series of M14 Airsoft AEGs brings affordable and reliable DMR performance to the masses. Unlike other M14 DMRs on the market that require you to purchase a standard M14 and conversion Kit, the CYMA M14 DMR series comes with the polymer DMR chassis and ad

Used Airsoft ' The Leading Marketplace for Second hand and Used Airsoft Guns' » Electric Powered » TM m14 socom dmr; Up for sale is my TM m14 socom. It has been locked to semi automatic. Comes with X4 magazines, suppressor and Simmons scope. Been told it has a typhoon upgrade package in it. Ad id: 21250 AGM M14 SOCOM Airsoft Spring Powered Rifle (Package / Black) Features: 1:1 scale M14 SOCOM 16 replica Metal barrel Metal cocking lever 20mm rail interface system Front and rear sling mounts Flashlight included Red dot optic included Dimensions: 865mm longWeight:.. SHOPPING Agm M14 Socom Airsoft Sniper Rifle With Ris 400 Fps And Idf Sniper Rifle Agm M14 Socom Airsoft Sniper Rifle With Ris 400 Fps And Idf Sniper Rifle Revi

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  1. CYMA Full Metal M14 EBR Designated Marksman Rifle AEG: $449.95: CYMA Full Metal M4 AEG with 10 Keymod Handguard (CM068B) $300.00: Cyma Full Metal Thompson M1928 Chicago D98 AEG (CM051) $269.95: CYMA Full Metal Thompson M1A1 AEG: $229.95: Cyma G36C (Nylon body, BK, CM003) $269.95: Cyma M14 (Black, US Version) $289.95: Cyma M14 (Mock wood) $275.
  2. M14 Socom Kit RA-TECH Airsoft By WE USD $70.00. 4.5 (0) Aftermath Socom Airsoft Rifle Zip Bag By AfterMath USD $13.95. 4 (0) SCG SOCOM Gear Full Metal SOF M9A1 Replica By Socom Gear USD $164.95.
  3. Automatic electric guns (AEG) at the best prices. Wide range of airsoft assault rifles M14 in many variant like short M14 Socom, modern M14 EBR or origin version with wood or polymer stock. This rifles are best suitable in combination with red dot sights or rifle scope
  4. The Salty Old Gamer found an Echo1 Airsoft M14 SOCOM 16, which is probably based on the Tokyo Marui version, for this video review. But it is as good as the original which players love for its range.. You could be reaching out and touching people from afar with this Echo1 M14 SOCOM 16
  5. Kenai Peninsula Airsoft Association. General Board. M14 SOCOM. Community. Mission Statement. KPAA/Website Rules. Suggestions. Airsoft Websites 'Best of KPAA' General. General Announcments . Airsoft Chat. General Board. Games & Skirmishes. Picture/Player of the Month. New Members here. Airsoft Guns
  6. Všechny informace o produktu Airsoftová zbraň ASG M14 Socom, porovnání cen z internetových obchodů, hodnocení a recenze ASG M14 Socom
  7. ate their opponents by hitting them with spherical non-metallic pellets launched from a compressed-air gun; Airsoft refers to a class of replica air powered guns that originated from Japan (although the origins go back to the US in the 70s). The power levels are.

M14 EBR od KARTU má štandardné kolesá ako pre mech 2 / 3. zdarec, nemám EBR, mám klasiku jen v kratší verzi (socom). Takže KART odhalím jen na kolesách M14 SOCOM Rifle 3D Model available on Turbo Squid, the world's leading provider of digital 3D models for visualization, films, television, and games. Tags obj cartridge army fire carbine colt mb socom gun vray soldier assault selective nato m14 rifle military xsi automatic weapo CYMA Socom-16 M14 Full Size Airsoft AEG - Black (Rifle) The CYMA M14 series rifle are by far the most popular M14 platform widely used by Airsoft simulators, war-gamers, and collectors all around the world. Started off with a Tokyo Marui compatible system, the CYMA M14 is engineered to output higher FPS right out of the box with the capability. Popis: M14 výměna Zdar vyměním M14 socom aeg v lehkém upu za snipu Pro více info na mail

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M14 SOCOM Rifle! SOCOM C.Q.B. -308 Sand Stone Black Stock COMPACT AND POWERFUL, M14 SOCOM SAND STONE FINISHED BLACK STOCK & HAND GUARD, MICRO PORTED MUZZLE BREAK XS type FRONT SIGHT, SCOUT-STYLE MOUNT Always read through this manual before operation Váš košík je prázdný. Není to škoda? Pokud potřebujete s čímkoli poradit využijte naší Poradnu nebo nám rovnou zavolejte na 591 140 565. Zobrazit ceny doprav

Black UNew review of rail system from M14 SOCOMsDouble Eagle M305F Airsoft Spring M1 Garand M14 Socom

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  1. Socom Tactical Airsoft Shop FREE SHIPPING INTEREST FREE U
  2. Airsoftová zbraň AEP M14 Socom, ASG - Airsoft-online
  3. Airsoft M14 Airsoft Megastor
TSD Sports M100 Airsoft Sniper RifleEcho1 Full Metal M14 AEG -Imitation Wood Stock AEGRA-TECH Tactical M14 GBB LV3 WE system RAG- WE-093いつまでも少年のままで 中華製 電動ガン - CYMA M14 SOCOM (OD)
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