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Nicotine poisoning describes the symptoms of the toxic effects of nicotine following ingestion, inhalation, or skin contact. Nicotine poisoning can potentially be deadly, though serious or fatal overdoses are rare. Historically, most cases of nicotine poisoning have been the result of use of nicotine as an insecticide. More recent cases of poisoning typically appear to be in the form of Green. Nicotine is what keeps smokers smoking: It's the chemical found in the leaves of tobacco plants that makes cigarettes so addictive. It's in all cigars, smokeless tobacco (such as chew or snuff. Nicotine is the substance in tobacco that makes it highly addictive to people who smoke. However, nicotine can harm the body on its own. This article defines and explains the symptoms of nicotine. Nicotine Toxicity, Poisoning. High doses of nicotine can produce toxic symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, excessive salivation, headache, dizziness, abdominal pain, agitation, tremors, convulsions and breathing difficulty. Death due to the administration of extremely high doses of nicotine may occur as a result of respiratory failure.

Nicotine is naturally found in the roots and leaves of various plants especially those of the nightshade family. It is most commonly found in that of tobacco. Many people don't know this but nicotine is actually very toxic, sometimes even more than cocaine and so it is highly controlled and regulated by the government.As little as 60mg of the substrate is enough to kill a person and. The effects of nicotine, denicotinized tobacco, and nicotine-containing tobacco on cigarette craving, withdrawal, and self-administration in male and female smokers. Behavioural Pharmacology , 21 , 144 - 152 . doi: 10.1097/FBP.0b013e328337be68 Additionally, nicotine strongly activates the brain's vomiting center resulting in spontaneous vomiting. This is a beneficial effect of nicotine as this will hopefully result in the animal expelling the nicotine product it ingested preventing further absorption of nicotine and therefore reduce the degree of toxicity Nikotin je rostlinný pyridinový alkaloid obsažený v tabáku.Má stimulační a uvolňující účinky. Užívá se zpravidla formou kouření, žvýkání či šňupání tabáku, nověji je používán jako součást náplní elektronických cigaret.Jedná se o základní návykovou látku obsaženou v tabáku; váže se na tzv. nikotinové acetylcholinové receptory (nAChR) v nervové. Although nicotine is a common form of toxin to animals, it is not reported often. However, the central nervous system damage that is caused by nicotine can be extremely serious, and possibly lethal if not treated soon enough. Since the body absorbs nicotine rapidly, within 15 minutes, your dog can have a cardiac episode or collapse

Nicotine decomposes on heating, producing nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and other highly toxic fumes. Nicotine reacts violently with strong oxidants. Nicotine is incompatible with strong acids; Nicotine will attack some forms of plastics, rubber, and coatings. EXPLOSION HAZARDS: Above 203°F (95°C), explosive vapor/air mixtures may be formed Nicotine toxicity in dogs and cats is more common than most people think and has become more prevalent in recent years with e-cigarettes and pure liquid nicotine. Nicotine is found in a variety of sources, primarily cigarettes, cigars, snuff, chewing tobacco, nicotine gum, nicotine inhalers, nicotine patches nicotine nasal spray and nicotine insecticides Early in toxicity (within the first hour or so) nicotine acts as a stimulant. [4,5] Delayed effects (after an hour) are due to nicotinic receptor blockade (See Table 1). 4,5 Nicotine has a short half life of 1-4 hours. 4 Vomiting is an early sign and occurs in 50% of symptomatic cases Understanding nicotine toxicity. Nicotine is a highly toxic alkaloid that has neurotoxic effects on brain development and chemistry. 7,12 It binds to the nicotinic cholinergic receptors, acting as an agonist at nicotinic-type acetylcholin

Nicotine is a poisonous alkaloid derived from the tobacco plant and used in medicine and as an insecticide. Nicotine is found in a variety of sources, primarily cigarettes, cigars, snuff, chewing tobacco, nicotine gum, nicotine inhalers, nicotine patches nicotine nasal spray and nicotine insecticides Toxicity to pets. Nicotine is a rapid acting toxin and, often, pets will show signs of poisoning within 1 hour of ingestion. Some types of nicotine gums also contain xylitol, a sweetener which is toxic to dogs. The acid in the stomach slows the absorption of nicotine so the administration of antacids (e.g., H2 blockers) is not recommended

In small amounts (up to 1 mg), nicotine has stimulating effects, while larger amounts (30-60 mg) can be lethal as it has acute and chronic toxicity and has a negative effect on the circulatory. Toxicity. Today nicotine is less commonly used in agricultural insecticides, which was a main source of poisoning. More recent cases of poisoning typically appear to be in the form of Green Tobacco Sickness, accidental ingestion of tobacco or tobacco products, or ingestion of nicotine-containing plants


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  1. utes after ingestion. Nicotine may also cause seizures and involuntary muscle twitching, as well as.
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  3. e flavor chemical and nicotine concentra
  4. Research on nicotine seems to suggest it's just as addictive as alcohol, heroin, or cocaine. But, the good news is that quitting smoking can have both long term and immediate benefits to your health and your heart. There are many different ways that people quit smoking. Talking to your doctor is a great place to start
  5. Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives
  6. Nicotine when smoked in cigarettes and inhaled, is quickly absorbed in the lungs as the freebase is largely suspended on tiny particles of tar. Nicotine reaches the brain within 8 s, almost as quickly as via an intravenous injection (Benowitz et al., 1988) (Fig. 6.11).Tobacco in oral products is more basic and better absorbed via the mouth than cigarette smoke, which is more acidic

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  1. Nicotine toxicity is also connected to pica disease 484. Many symptoms of nicotine toxicity were observed in smokers in numerous studies 480, 482, 485, 492. A dramatic case of nicotine toxicity is presented by Rogers et al. 486, who mention a case of acute ingestion of this alkaloid by a child. Hypoxia and irreversible encephalopathy ensued in.
  2. Nicotine, the addictive ingredient in cigarettes, can be quite a lethal compound. It's widely recognized to be deadly at doses between 30 and 60 milligrams, making it more dangerous than both.
  3. Nicotine sulfate is considered a botanical pesticide, allowed in organic gardening but is no longer available commercially because of its toxicity, but a family of synthetic chemicals that mimic.
  4. ation is important. Remove any soiled clothing. Flush eyes for ocular exposure. Rinse other areas of dermal exposure. Symptomatic management is the primary strategy. Be aware that seizures may present before.
  5. It summarises the data about acute and long-term toxicity of nicotine and also reviews its metabolism and kinetic data, types of exposure and the main recognised health effects, with special attention to reproductive, cardiovascular, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, immunological and genetic toxicity
  6. Nicotine. Nicotine is a highly addictive central nervous system stimulant. 1 When ingested, it gives you focus and concentration, accelerates your heart and breathing rate, and increases blood pressure. It is linked to raised alertness, the sensation of euphoria, and a sensation of being relaxed.
  7. Brčić Karačonji I. FACTS ABOUT NICOTINE TOXICITY 363 Arh Hig Rada Toksikol 2005;56:363-371 Review FACTS ABOUT NICOTINE TOXICITY Irena BRÈIÆ KARAÈONJI Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health, Zagreb, Croatia Received in July 2005 Nicotine is an alkaloid obtained from the leaves of the tobacco plant, and it is the main.

The Up-and-Down-Procedure (OECD 425) was performed to determine the acute oral toxicity of the test item Nicotine in mice. General information . The first animal was dosed a step below the best preliminary estimate of the LD50. The initial dose was 17.5 mg/kg bw. The first animal survived until 48 hours after the treatment, so the second animal. Mechanism of toxicity. Nicotine binds to nicotinic cholinergic receptors, resulting initially, via actions on autonomic ganglia, in predominantly sympathetic nervous stimulation. With higher doses, parasympathetic stimulation and then ganglionic and neuromuscular blockade may occur. Direct effects on the brain may also result in vomiting and. Nicotine itself is harmless, it's the smoking that does the damage. This is not that far from the truth; the vast majority of the harms of cigarettes are not caused by nicotine (although you could argue that nicotine is the ultimate cause as it keeps smokers smoking). However, it is important not to disregard nicotine and think that e. 03 - (English) Why are e-cigs controversial? Speech about nicotine toxicity by Professor Bernd Mayer. Biography: http://thrsummitspain.org/index.php/speakers..

An acute dermal toxicity study was performed with test item Nicotine in NZW rabbits. A full test was carried out on basis of a preliminary study. First, three groups of female animals (n=5 animals/dose) were exposed to Nicotine at 50, 100 and 200 mg/kg bw test item by dermal route Nicotine dependence occurs when you need nicotine and can't stop using it. Nicotine is the chemical in tobacco that makes it hard to quit. Nicotine produces pleasing effects in your brain, but these effects are temporary. So you reach for another cigarette. The more you smoke, the more nicotine you need to feel good Nicotine toxicity from smoking is further limited because the effects of inhaled nicotine occur rapidly (within seconds), limiting further intake. Nicotine toxicity can occur through the ingestion of cigarettes or butts, typically eaten by young children, in which case a large amount of nicotine can be absorbed.. Nicotine salicylate | C17H20N2O3 | CID 20056613 - structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, patents, literature, biological activities, safety/hazards/toxicity information, supplier lists, and more. COVID-19 is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation. Get the latest public health information from CDC: https. Mahmarian JJ, Moye LA, Nasser GA, et al. Nicotine patch therapy in smoking cessation reduces the extent of exercise-induced myocardial ischemia. J Am Coll Cardiol . 1997 Jul. 30(1):125-30. [Medline]

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  1. Palatable, potent vapes. Central to the vaping crisis is the rise of Juul, the American e-cigarette giant, who are widely credited with having transformed the market over the past four years with.
  2. g nicotine include smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco. The dose of nicotine consumed varies with the mode of consumption Nicotine Poisoning is the accidental or intentional intake of any product containing the compound
  3. Toxicita je vlastnost chemických sloučenin spočívající ve vyvolání otravy osob nebo zvířat, které látku požily, vdechly nebo vstřebaly kůží.. V zásadě všechny chemické sloučeniny mohou být při užití příliš velkého množství toxické. Například i požití velkého množství vody může rozvrátit homeostázu a způsobit člověku smrt
  4. Nicotine is the primary pharmacologic component of tobacco, and users of tobacco products seek out its effects. The highly addictive nature of nicotine is responsible for its widespread use and difficulty with quitting. This technical report focuses on nicotine and discusses the stages of use in progression to dependence on nicotine-containing products; the physiologic characteristics.
  5. al cramping, confusion, and convulsions
  6. Research on nicotine toxicity is also relevant to ongoing research on tobacco and health aimed at understanding the role of nicotine in contributing to tobacco-induced diseases. This book reviews the current scientific understanding of the safety and toxicity of nicotine. The discussion ranges from chemistry, studies in animals and human.
  7. Nicotine is a common stimulant drug found worldwide in many cultures, and is often consumed for it's stimulatory effects. Nicotine usage has been common throughout different cultures, manifesting itself in the chewing of certain plant material or smoking compounds that contain nicotine

Nicotin, auch Nikotin, ist ein natürlich in den Blättern der Tabakpflanze sowie in geringerer Konzentration auch in anderen Nachtschattengewächsen vorkommendes Alkaloid, das erregende oder lähmende Wirkungen auf Ganglien des vegetativen Nervensystem hat. Selten werden Nicotinderivate als Nicotinoide bezeichnet; meist sind damit die synthetischen, als Insektizide eingesetzten Neonicotinoide. Nicotine is toxic to our pets. The most common source of nicotine is tobacco products like cigarettes, cigarette butts and even nicotine gum and patches. Some pets are attracted to the products like chewing tobacco that are supplemented with sugars. Learn more about nicotine toxicity in dogs here IMAGE: Laboratory tests indicate modern oral nicotine products elicit lower toxicity responses than cigarettes view more Credit: Bat-science.com. New research by BAT indicates that modern oral.

The FDA alerted doctors and health care providers in April 2019 that e-cigarette use may be associated with seizures, a known symptom of nicotine toxicity. Most of the people affected were teens or young adults. In August 2019, the FDA announced that it had received 127 reports of e-cigarette users suffering seizures or other neurological symptoms Nicotine salt has been regarded as not safe due to the higher concentrations of nicotine and because of the addition of benzoic acid to the mixture of the e-liquid. But, contrary to belief nicotine salt e-liquid is regarded by many public health organizations to be just as safe as freebase e-juice Cantrell FL, Clark RF. More on nicotine poisoning in infants. N Engl J Med 2014; 371:880. Govindarajan P, Spiller HA, Casavant MJ, et al. E-Cigarette and Liquid Nicotine Exposures Among Young Children. Pediatrics 2018; 141. Hughes A, Hendrickson RG. An epidemiologic and clinical description of e-cigarette toxicity. Clin Toxicol (Phila) 2019; 57. regulations of e-cigarettes, and calls to poison control centers regarding liquid nicotine toxicity, especially in children, are on the rise. This article presents the background and mechanism of action of e-cigarettes as well as up-to-date details of the toxicity of liquid nicotine. We also present management strategies in the setting of liquid nicotine toxicity... 1. The myth of nicotine's dangerous and alien nature 2. The myth of nicotine's toxicity 3. The myth of nicotine's potential for addiction 4. The myth of nicotine's potential for harm Not only is there no evidence to support any of these myths, in fact virtually all the evidence (not just some of it) is opposite to these assumptions

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Toxicity Testing with California Blackworms: Nicotine nicotine affect the swimming behavior of California Blackworms (Lumbriculus variegatus). This project represents an introduction to toxicology, which is an important component in environmental health science. By exposing the worms to a toxicant, such as nicotine, in varyin Nicotine is rapidly absorbed through the oral cavity, lung, and gastrointestinal tract. The oral bioavailability of nicotine is incomplete because of hepatic first-pass metabolism, and usually ranges between 20% to 45%. The metabolism of nicotine is mostly mediated through the hepatic cytochrome P450 CYP2A6

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Hello Select your address Best Sellers Today's Deals Electronics Gift Ideas Customer Service Books New Releases Home Computers Gift Cards Coupons Sel Liechti ME, Kunz I, Greminger P, Speich R, Kupferschmidt H. Clinical features of gamma-hydroxybutyrate and gamma-butyrolactone toxicity and concomitant drug and alcohol use. Drug Alcohol Depend. 2006;81(3):323-6 Currently, there are no US Food and Drug Administration or other federal regulations of e-cigarettes, and calls to poison control centers regarding liquid nicotine toxicity, especially in children.

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Nicotine Toxicity. Nicotine is lethal if ingested in high enough doses. An oral dose of 50 to 60 mg of nicotine is enough to kill a 160 lb person . Nicotine overdose can cause death in as little as an hour . Nicotine overdose causes the same response in the body as toxic exposure to organophosphate insecticides and nerve agents such as DDT or. Nicotine toxicity includes bronchorrhea, wheezing, seizures, and rhabdomyolysis. Use of succinylcholine in patients with nicotine toxicity is not recommended. The electronic cigarette industry and the limited knowledge of the products' health effects are newly debated topics, both nationally and internationally. This review attempts to. E-cigarette liquid ingestion: a fast growing accidental issue in children. Eshen Ang, David Tuthill, John Thompson. Archives of Disease in Childhood Nov 2018, 103 (11) 1091; DOI: 10.1136/archdischild-2018-31488 Nicotine Safety and Toxicity Par:Neal L. Benowitz,Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco Publié le 1998-01-01 par Oxford University Press, USA. Nicotine has been developed as a medication to assist smoking cessation, and is being considered as a possible drug for long-term maintenance of non-smoking

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Nicotine overdose may cause dizziness that results from the increased blood flow to the brain due to tachycardia 2.Elevated blood pressure and tachycardia, both adverse effects of nicotine toxicity, may also cause nausea as a result of labored and elevated blood flow Nicotine is the addictive element in tobacco products. Learn more about whether nicotine is also a cancer-causing agent Nicotine gets in the body through the inhalation of cigarette smoke. Second-hand smoke contains only trace amounts of nicotine, if any. Once the smoke reaches the lungs, it is absorbed into the blood stream (as is oxygen) and distributed throughout the body. The body knows that nicotine is a toxic substance, and it will be metabolized by your. performed towards the toxicity of compound and finding naturally occurring agents for overcoming their toxicity and nicotine is one of the toxic agents [1-6]. Nicotine has harmful effects on health and its using is increasing [7]. The mortality from cigarette smoking is approximatel Nicotine is not more toxic than arsenic - a point I will prove a bit later. In fact, a nicotine overdose is hardly achievable with vaping. Lethal nicotine poisoning cases mostly include swallowing nicotine - high concentration mixing bottles, vape juice pods and cartridges, and so on. However, this doesn't mean that nicotine is harmless

The toxicity of nicotine is a result of its stimulation of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the autonomic nervous system, central nervous system, and at the neuromuscular junction. The symptoms of nicotine toxicity are dose-dependent and can vary depending on the bioavailability of the nicotine-containing substance Nicotine's dangerous toxicity -- and the fact that it is not produced in effective volume by plants -- encouraged development of pesticides that work in a similar manner. Systemic neonicotinoid. Nicotine toxicity in dogs and cats is more common than most people think, and it is especially common in pets with owners who leave cigarette packs out or toss cigarette butts outside. Nicotine is most commonly found in cigarettes, cigars, nicotine gum and candy, and nicotine transdermal patches nicotine is 0.5 to 1 mg/kg body weight in adults.5 Animal studies show that the median lethal dose for nicotine is 70 mg/kg (oral administration)6 and 23.5 mg/kg (intraperitoneal injection)7 in rats. However, the cases of seizures discussed by the FDA are with ordinary inhalation use of e-cigarettes. Acute Toxicity of Inhaled Nicotin Nikotin sta iz tobakovca prva izolirala nemška kemika Posselt in Reimann leta 1828. Kemično molekulsko formulo je prvi zapisal Melsens leta 1843, leta 1893 pa so nikotin prvič sintetizirali. Kemične lastnosti. Nikotin je higroskopna oljnata tekočina z bazičnimi lastnostmi, ki se lahko meša z vodo in zlahka prodira skozi kožo

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Get free from nicotine's toxicity Unlike with e-juice that has nicotine, the ingredients in e-liquid without nicotine is almost always made of food-grade ingredients. If you have reason to fear spills or bottles of nic liquid getting into the wrong hands, zero nicotine e-juice would pose no known threat For most women, nicotine dependence is a significant element of their smoking behavior (Okuyemi et al., 2000), and the highly addictive nature of nicotine makes smoking cessation difficult. Indeed, the majority of adverse physiological symptoms associated with smoking cessation (cravings, irritability, restlessness, anxiety, and increased. Nicotine toxicity from smoking is further limited because the effects of inhaled nicotine occur rapidly (within seconds), limiting further intake. Nicotine toxicity can occur through the ingestion of cigarettes or butts, typically eaten by young children, in which case a large amount of nicotine can be absorbed

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Excessive nicotine/cotinine levels may indicate nicotine toxicity The laboratory test results are NOT to be interpreted as results of a stand-alone test. The test results have to be interpreted after correlating with suitable clinical findings and additional supplemental tests/information Nicotine-laced nectar can speed up a bumblebee's ability to learn flower colours, according to scientists at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) Using a high nicotine of 12mg as an example means there are 12mg of nicotine per 1ml of e-liquid. For a 12mg, 60ml bottle of e-juice, there is a total of 720 milligrams of nicotine per bottle (mg x ml). Determining which amount of nicotine is best for you and your health is imperative nicotine A colorless, oily chemical produced in tobacco and certain other plants. It creates the buzz associated with smoking. It creates the buzz associated with smoking. Highly addictive, nicotine is the substance that makes it hard for smokers to give up their use of cigarettes

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Nicotine is more poisonous than cyanide! Just half a teaspoon of e-liquid could kill a child! Nicotine is highly toxic in any form! I lost count a long time ago, but statements like this still bother me. The implication is clear: vaping delivers nicotine to users, and nicotine is highly poisonous Nicotine, Flavor, Toxicity; Abstract. Whereas JUUL electronic cigarettes (ECs) have captured the majority of the EC market, with a large fraction of their sales going to adolescents, little is known about their cytotoxicity and potential effects on health. The purpose of this study was to determine flavor chemical and nicotine concentrations in.

Nicotine products must be kept out of the reach of children and pets. Small amounts of nicotine can cause serious unwanted effects in children, and a used cartridge may contain enough nicotine to cause problems. If the cartridge is touched by a child, contact your doctor or poison control center at once Nicotine Safety and Toxicity and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at AbeBooks.com There is fundamental difference between acute toxicity from use of nicotine as insecticide or from ingestion, and chronic toxicity that may be caused by prolonged exposure to small doses as occurs in smoking. Maternal smoking during pregnancy is associated with increased risk of spontaneous abortion, low birth weight and still-birth.. Acute nicotine toxicity in children is on the rise due to the increase in vaping with electronic cigarettes by adults. E-cigarettes utilize nicotine and flavoring dissolved in a solution of propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol, and/or vegetable glycerin. When a small quantity of this liquid is passed over an interior heating element, a.

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Cat Nicotine Toxicity . Tobacco and tobacco products contain a poisonous alkaloid that comes from the tobacco plant itself. Not only tobacco products contain nicotine: It can also be found in insecticides, smoking cessation aids such as patches, inhalers and, even gum. Nicotine alone is a poisonous substance Alkaloid Containing Plant - These tall annual plants grow from fibrous roots and produce large, hairy leaves and terminal clusters of tubular, 2 inches long, white, red, lavender, or yellow flowers on short stalks. Many-seeded capsules may appear in late summer. The tobacco species with colorful flowers are grown as garden ornamentals 3 H-nicotine + 3% unlabelled nicotine in 0.01 M PBS + 0.08% menthol 30 min, 1, and 2 hr after application Yes 3 H-nicotine + 3% unlabelled nicotine in 0.01 M PBS (no menthol) Floor of mouth or Buccal mucosa 3 H-NNN + 0.01% unlabelled NNN + 3% unlabelled nicotine in 0.01 M PBS + 0.08% menthol 30 min, 1, and 2 hr after applicatio This book reviews the current scientific understanding of the safety a nd toxicity of nicotine. The discussion ranges from chemistry, through animal and human experimental research, to the results of large clini cal trials. Among the topics covered are cardiovascular disease, cance r, reproductive toxicity (including fetal toxicity and Sudden Infant D eath Syndrome), behavioral toxicity.

WHO | World Health Organizatio Nicotine is a colorless, toxic alkaloid made up of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. The primary reason why nicotine use has turned into worldwide concern is because of its ability to induce a state of euphoria in the brain of the smoker thus leading to addiction. When a person smokes and inhales nicotine, the active substances are absorbed. Nicotine is an alkaloid. Alkaloids are a group of compounds that are typically produced by plants to discourage animals from eating them. Nicotine commonly comes from the tobacco plant; There are 66 other plants from which nicotine can be obtained. These plants are apart of the nightshade family (include eggplant, tomato, potato, green pepper

Posts about Nicotine Toxicity written by onesourceregulatory. Arman Azad First published August 7th, 2019 The US Food and Drug Administration has received 127 reports of seizures or other neurological symptoms possibly related to e-cigarettes, the agency announced Wednesday The usage of flavored electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) is popular, specifically in the teen and young adult age groups. The possible cardiac toxicity of the flavoring aspect of ENDS is largely unknown. Vaping, a form of electronic nicotine delivery, uses e-liquid to generate e-vapor, an aerosolized mixture of nicotine and/or flavors Nicotine (C10H14N2), a naturally occurring alkaloid is a Solanaceae family member, which also house tobacco, tomato, green pepper, potato and eggplant. It was first isolated and identified as a major component of tobacco plant in 1828 [1]. Cigarettes, cigars, other tobacco items and their smoke contain nicotine. When warm it emits a fishy odor. Workers processing and extracting tobacco have a. In vivo, nicotine in cigarette smoke induces various effects not only on the respiratory system but also the central and peripheral nerve systems, circulatory organs and digestive organs, and there is a possibility of promotion of lung tumorigenesis. The present experiment was conducted to examine histopathological changes caused by nicotine in the lung with repeated intratracheal instillation.

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Scientists analyzed the toxicological impact of one of BAT's nicotine pouch products, formerly called Lyft and now known as Velo, in an in vitro laboratory-based test. Velo was compared with a. Buy Nicotine Safety and Toxicity by Benowitz, Neal L. online on Amazon.ae at best prices. Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase

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